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Connect with your dog

Designed in Australia, Assembled in the United Kingdom

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An Innovation

Wolfclip is an innovative, new, easy to attach and release clip for your dog’s collar. It rivals conventional clips that have always been fiddly – particularly for the elderly and children, who may struggle to control their family pet.

Leading the way in clip innovation

Wolfclip is designed to make clipping and unclipping your dog effortless, even for those suffering with arthritis.

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Wolfclip was initially invented in Austrialia by our engineer, Ron. This clever and unique clip came to fruition with the main intention of helping elderly dog owners, who struggle to operate conventional and fiddly dog clips. This gave Ron the idea of Wolfclip, which is a simple, swift way of attaching and detaching your dog to its lead.

Wolfclip is ideal for people who have arthritis and the visually impaired due to its easy to locate Housing and simple ‘click and go’ release mechanism.

Wolfclip is ergonomic as it can be used even when wearing thick winter gloves. The functionality of Wolfclip makes it perfect for any dog owner looking for an effective escape from fiddly clips.

Wolfclip was first introduced into the U.K in 2017 where it has undergone rigorous testing prior to its launch in 2019. Prototypes of Wolfclip have been in circulation for two years without experiencing any issues, and so we offer our guarantee on every Wolfclip.



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